Great News for PCS Software Users:

Save money every payday and
your payroll process with
Direct Deposit Plus
EZStub capabilities that are

to your PCS Software!

PCS Software and National Payment give you a simplified payroll.

You made an excellent choice purchasing PCS software. Now, we’d like to introduce exciting payroll features. It’s Direct Deposit Plus, and EZStub electronic pay stubs – and it's already built into your software. Built-in Direct Deposit Plus and EZStub capability means no importing or exporting payroll data into any additional software, or printing and mailing pay stubs, travel and expense vouchers, and invoices. With Internet access, you have everything you’ll need to enjoy the benefits of National Payment’s Direct Deposit Plus and EZStub services.

Employers want Direct Deposit and EZStub services to cut payroll administration
time and expense.

  • NACHA estimates that employers spend approximately $1.90 per employee in payroll distribution – checks and/or pay stubs.
  • Companies who do not offer Direct Deposit usually incur additional expenses averaged at $1.20 per employee paycheck, per pay period.
  • Increase productivity by eliminating the need for employees to leave work to deposit checks.
  • Eliminate the cost of reissuing lost or stolen checks, and associated stop payment fees.
  • Reduce HR headaches with a streamlined payroll process that is completely paperless.

Payroll Direct Deposit and electronic pay stubs:
it’s what employees want
for convenience, guaranteed pay, and security.
  • Only Direct Deposit delivers their check to their bank so they don’t have to.
  • Ideal for remote employees, those on vacation, sick or traveling for business.
  • Guaranteed pay automatically, securely and on time.
  • There are no checks to be lost or stolen.
  • View secure EZStub information online 24/7.

You can trust National Payment
to pay employees accurately and on time.

National Payment Corporation is the nation’s largest independent provider of direct deposit services for all types of businesses. Since 1991, National Payment has satisfied the electronic distribution needs of thousands of customers in most industries, and in every state.
Fully licensed and bonded, National Payment is bank–independent so neither you nor your employees have to change banks.

PCS Software and companies around the country rely on
National Payment as the direct deposit/electronic pay stub experts.

National Payment knows how to make Direct Deposit easy and successful from the start.
We’ll help you streamline your payroll process, get all of your employees to sign up,
provide you with free technical assistance, and support you with free customer care.

Other than time and money, what have you got to lose?
Take the next step to an easier payroll!

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