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Why Choose NatPay's Online Pay Stub Solutions?

More Convenience

Online pay stubs provides employees secure access to current and past pay information with 24/7 online availability.


Email delivery, and text messaging notifications options are standard, and may be customized to personal preferences.


Employees with smart phones and other mobile devices may also connect and view their electronic pay stubs quickly and easily.

Increased Security

NatPay's online pay stubs provide much more security over storing paper stubs for future reference because others can see them, they can be lost, or left where others might take them.


Paper stubs are usually passed through many hands in the process of delivering them to employees. Online pay stubs are only seen by the employee who has password-protected access. Security is assured through many checks and balances so sensitive data remains safe and secure at all times.


Security Details

Our unique and proprietary 3 tier server systems guarantee that all data is safe and secure.


Online pay stubs information is never cached in computer memory. All data is cleared upon log-off, which allows for secure data access at airports, hotels, or with any public Internet connection.


SSL (secure socket layer) encryption, GEOTrust™ certificates, and firewall protection.


Online pay stubs suppresses information such as SSN, home addresses and bank account numbers to eliminate the chance of identity theft.

Administrators Rejoice

Payroll administrators save time and effort because employees are able to obtain current and past pay stub information on their own with online pay stub self-serve features.


Payroll administrators will have more time to do the important things they need to be doing rather than wasting precious time performing repetitive tasks.


Payroll administrators and employees alike also benefit from the robust online pay stub messaging feature. Just imagine having payroll deduction information or important announcements sent right alongside employees' pay stubs. Send messages quickly and easily to particular groups or to everyone!


• Guaranteed on-time delivery

• Instant access to past stubs

• Simple to implement

• No new software to buy

• 24/7 Personal Support

• Fully customizable

• Employees love it

• ROI is virtually immediate

• Satisfaction is guaranteed

• Pilot Group Programs available


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Solution Highlights:

  • Payroll Direct Deposit

    Upload payroll files from any computer with internet access, and you'll be on your way with a better way to pay!

  • Online Pay Stubs

    Pay stubs look great online! Enjoy a branded, custom look for your company, and immediate ROI. Employees love 24/7 free online access and the notification features!

  • Online Tax Forms

    Online W-2s, 1099s, and other important tax forms help save paper and postage costs while providing greater self-serve benefits!

  • Online Invoices & Statements

    Online invoices and statements can be leveraged for any type of traditional paper counterpart like medical claims, bank statements, mortgage statements, expense reports, benefits statments and more!


ACH Leader

In business since 1991, NatPay remains a top leader in ACH & Document Distribution Solutions processing $145+ billion annually for 272,000+ ACH clients nationwide.

Insured & Audited

NatPay is insured through three major insurance carriers, and uses a third-party accounting firm to perform annual audits of its records.


NatPay is  HIPAA compliant, and a SSAE 18 (SOC 1) Type 2 examined organization for both ACH and Document Distribution Solutions.